Focus on your passion and SAMii will take care of the rest.

Focus on your passion and SAMii takes care of the rest

I have been introduced to SAMii and I think this is the future of where music teaching is going! The team have harnessed exciting information and have an energy to bring music shared information into the 21st Century! Keep an eye out for SAMii and be a part of the next generation of Music Education! Dom Famularo

International Drum Legend and Music Education Guru

Samii looks amazing,

It will revolutionise how I communicate with students

I need this!

Pete Drummond

Music Educator and Touring Artist (Dragon, Thirsty Merc)

Designed For Music Educators

…by music educators. We are music educators so we know that administration is a pain in the neck. We have created a solution that works how music educators work.

Mobile Because You Are

We know that you don’t want to be tied to a computer when you are teaching, or afterwards.  We go to where ever you are with our interactive mobile app.

Guaranteed Payments

Getting paid is essential, getting paid without the fuss or embarrassing interactions with customers is a musician’s dream. SAMii handles the payments and ensures you get paid prior to the lesson.

SAMii is a Student Administration Management Systems Build for Music Educators


is an interactive mobile solution that manages the administration and paperwork of a creative education business;
helps you to focus on your students and your music; and
looks after enrolments, cancellations, scheduling, communication, reminders, payments, invoicing and basic bookkeeping for you.

SAMii has everything you need in one place…find out more about the features

Overview of SAMii’s Features…

SAMii takes care of enrolments and scheduling for you. When a new student finds you through SAMii’s marketing or your own, they will enrol online and make their payment there and then. SAMii will then send them all the information that they need to get started. If a student needs to cancel or reschedule SAMii takes care of that for you to.
SAMii makes sure that you get paid every week. SAMii’s easy payment system allows you to receive a regular wage, which the banks love when you are applying for a loan. You won’t have to touch the germ infested cash anymore, and there are no more embarrassing moments with students and parents when you are trying to get paid.
SAMii enables you to get on with the things you love by taking care of all the administration that piles up on your desk. No more piles of paperwork, no more paper diaries, no more trying to remember your next appointment, no more missed lessons, and no more late cancellations. SAMii does it all.
SAMii becomes your teaching assistant. Videos, resources and other things you need for your lesson are available in SAMii. You can also capture student progress and send to mum and dad. You can also update what you want the student to focus on for the week. PS: SAMii reminds them to do their homework for you.
SAMii reminds you about lessons, tells you when you have a new student and gives your students reminders. SAMii does all the hard work for you. You can sit back and relax while SAMii chases up payments and new enrolments.
Unlike other scheduling and music management systems, SAMii doesn’t require you to be tied to your computer. The system is made with the busy music educator in mind. SAMii comes to you via a simple to use mobile app and regular interactive notifications.

New Students Find You Easily

SAMii is here to help students find you. SAMii is out on the internet and social media searching for the right students for you. The customer will find you through a high quality, high converting, and attractive web profile page that helps them make a selection and enrol online.

No more fumbling for a paper diary while on the phone with a potential client.  The whole enrolment process, including payment, is handled swiftly and painlessly by SAMii. They contact SAMii and wah-lah you have a new paying client, just like that. Just imagine the possibilities!

Meet Tash.  Tash is a Singing Coach.  She started teaching 12 months ago with ETI_Music, after coaching, mentoring and an easy to use system, Tash has 20 students each week, 2 singing groups and is coaching her students to record CDs and perform on stage in front of 400 people!  Go Tash, You Rock!!! Tash

Singing Teacher

This is Simon.  Simon is an Educator and has been using the program for years.  He started with 1 student and dedicated himself to serving that student.  He has now built his business to a point where it is his full-time income.  Simon is also a professional musician who performs all over the world in his and other peoples bands.  He’s a guru, an idol and simply…an amazing guy. Simon

Bass, Keys, Drums, Song-Writing

Meet Jacob.  10 Months ago Jacob was working at Target full-time dreaming of a career in music.  Jacob became an ETI Educator and now has 10 students, a growing teaching business, and is earning money performing on stage and as a studio session musician for ETI students and community.  Jacob you are going places! Jacob

Guitar Teacher

Pete is not only the brains and energy behind ETI_Music and SAMii but also continues to delight his students with one on one teaching. Pete only teaches now for the love of it and is picky about the students he takes on.  He has been teaching for over 18 years and knows the Music Industry.  Pete developed the original version of SAMii (called ETI_Access) 2 years ago in response to the growing needs of his and his educators administration burden. He wanted to get rid of the admin so he could focus on the important stuff. Pete

Drum Teacher and Chief Inspirer , ETI_Music